March 2022
Parkinson's Disease. Resources.Education.Vitality+ in the News
The PDREV+ research study recently made WLTX news, featuring its beneficial YMCA partnership along with the educational resources that come with being a part of the study. Dr. Flach is quoted many times as she describes Parkinson's disease and the who exercise might benefit those who have PD. To see the news article click here.

The Parkinson's Disease Physical Therapy Faculty Scholar grant awarded to Dr. Flach and Dr. Regan received recognition on March 10 in the ASPPH Friday Letter. The notable mention can be found in the Faculty and Staff Honors section or by clicking here. To read more about the research grant itself, click on the link under the February 2022 section of this page
Falls and Parkinson's Disease
Dr. Flach presented at the Columbia Parkinson's Support Group, on Sunday, March 20 @3pm.  
Topic: We will discuss all things falls related to Parkinson’s Disease. Topics included will be the risk of falling for people living with PD, what can increase and decrease fall risk, and suggested ways to prevent falls.

February 2022
Dr. Alicia Flach and, Co-Investigator, Dr. Elizabeth Regan,  are the recipients of a Physical Therapy Faculty Scholar grant from the Parkinson's Foundation to further grow and sustain PDREV+. The program focuses on providing education and exercise opportunities for people with Parkinson's disease and their care partners in Columbia, South Carolina. 
Read the Press Release here
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