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We are currently accepting new participants for this study
PD REV+ offers education (self-paced, pre-recorded modules) for individuals newly diagnosed with PD and their care partners. After completing the education component, this program financially supports a 6-month membership to the YMCA (which includes group exercise classes and/or independent exercise). 
.Additionally, we are supporting training for exercise professionals to build knowledge in PD, increasing PD-specific exercise class offerings, and improving the sustainability of this program. UofSC Rehab Lab has partnered with Prisma Health and YMCA Columbia for this program. 
This program is supported by a Community Grant and Physical Therapy Faculty Scholar Grant from the Parkinson's Foundation. 

Pilot Study: Capturing Physical Activity, Symptom Presence and Severity in People with Parkinson’s Disease in Real-time
We are currently accepting new participants for this study
The goal of this study is to measure many variables among people who have Parkinson's disease. These variables include physical activity, symptom presence, and symptom severity. What makes this research unique is that the goal is to make these measurements in real-time, allowing for less recall bias in measurements and surveys.
Longitudinal Study: Role of Physical Activity Behaviors on Motor and Non-motor symptoms in Parkinson's Disease
Please note that this study is no longer accepting new participants
During this 5-year study, participants with Parkinson's disease periodically test non-motor and motor symptoms. In addition to this testing, participants are led through self-reported surveys relating to physical activity and overall health. The primary objective is to identify the relationship between motor and non-motor symptoms with physical activity over time.  
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